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Climatic rooms 

Pendulum tester 

Architectural Glass Department

The Department is involved in the characterization of architectural glass properties, a sector including the inspective activities relevant to voluntary quality marks, as well as the activity as a testing laboratory within the CPD 89/106 European standard on building materials.

Main activities are: 

  • setting up of test methods and certification according to international, EC and Italian standards of mechanical strength and other physical properties of flat glass for buildings, furnishings, transport, naval application;

  • measurement of the compressive state of commercial strengthened glass and stress analyses of glass sheets under different kinds of load;
  • impact and flexural tests, fracture analyses;
  • technical advice and certifications according to national and international standards and specifications;
  • tecnical management of the UNI Quality Mark for insulating glass units, strenghened and laminated glass.
  • tests on railing systems
Available Instruments
  • gas-chromatograph for measurement of gas concentration and losses in insulating glass units;
  • Instron dynamometer for glass-sealant and glass-sealant-substrate adhesion test;
  • devices for the measurement of water amounts Karl Fisher method in organic sealant containing a dehydrator;
  • climatic rooms for insulating glass units tests on: ageing, UV, fogging tests according to UNI 10593-EN1279;
  • testing equipment for structural sealant according to ETAG and prEN 13022 and analyses on sealing materials (thermo-gravimetry, chemical, IR analyses)
  • calibration of furnaces for the heat soak test;
  • loading press;
  • measuring equipments for gas filled glazing

Testing equipment according to:

  • UNI EN 12543 laminated glass
  • UNI EN 1096 coated glass
  • UNI EN 1036 mirrors
  • UNI EN 356 antibandit, antivandalism glass
  • UNI EN 1863 hardened glass
  • UNI EN 12150 tempered glass