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Furnace Room

Gradient  Furnace

Energy, Furnaces and Thermophysical Tests Department

The Department's area of activity includes industrial plants, glass furnaces, production processes, thermophysical tests, experimental meltings, bubble analyses, models, containers strength.

Specific activities are:

  • setting up of test methods and certification according to international, EC and Italian standards, of the strength of glass containers, fibres, objects and other silicate materials;
  • finite elements theoretical analysis of stresses in glass objects under different kinds of load;
  • internal pressure, thermal shock, axial load, impact resistance;
  • fracture analysis to identify breakage causes;
  • glass surface studies in relation to strenght;
  • production process analyses in relation to strength behaviour prediction;
  • waste devitrification and possible production of artifacts;
  • experimental meltings to verify the influence of raw materials on glass quality (melting properties, fining, colour);
  • experimental meltings of special glasses to be studied in other laboratories;
  • studies on melting and forming processes to optimize production;
  • studies on conventional and electric furnaces for energy saving;
  • thermophysical measurements on glass (viscosity, expansion, specific heat, electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity, Young's modulus);
  • analysis of micro-bubbles in glass aimed at diagnosing their origin in the production process;

Following equipment is used:

  • strain gauges, polariscope, stereoscope and polarizing microscopes, surface stress detector;
  • AGR equipment for internal pressure, axial load and impact resistance measurements;
  • Apparatus for thermal shock according to ASTM
  • Balzers mass spectrometer;
  • Varian 1700 gas-chromatograph.
  • Viscosimeters for the measurement of viscosity according to present standards;
  • DMA for the measurement of elastic moduli and strain up to 600°C;
  • DSC for the measurement of specific heat up to 1400°C;
  • DTA up to 1450°C;
  • DTG up to 1600°C.
  • HOT DISK for the measurement of thermal diffusivity (on glass and moulds materials) up to 200°C;
  • Cell for the measurement of electrical conductivity between 800 and 1500°C.

Following furnaces are available:

  • 2 methane-fuelled, one-pot furnaces for temperatures up to 1700°C;
  • Kanthal A1 electric furnace for temperatures up to 1250°C;
  • Crusilite electric furnace for temperatures up to 1400°C;
  • Super Kanthal electric furnace for temperatures up to 1700°C;
  • 2 annealing furnaces for temperatures up to 650°C;
  • Mono-filament bushing;
  • Multi-filament bushing;