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Chemical Laboratory

ICP - AS Plasma spectrometer

Chemical and Environmental Department

           The Department's scope includes conventional and instrumental chemical analyses aimed both at technical assistance to glass factories and applied research. Environmental controls and certification are primary activities.

Environmental Analyses

          Environmental analyses are aimed at the certification according to International, EC and Italian standards, of emissions, air quality, environmental parameters, solid waste materials and waste water, namely:

  • measurements of solid and gas emissions from glass furnaces and other sources during glass production processes (handling of raw materials, hot end treatments, etc.);
  • measurements of ground level concentrations according to the Italian DPR 203-24.5.1988;
  • measurements of microclimates: solid and gas pollutants (dust (breathable  fraction), free silica, etc.) noise measurements;
  • classification of solid waste materials from glass production processes (regenerator deposits, filter dust, etc.);
  • analysis of the inorganic content of waste water coming from glass production processes;
Chemical Analyses

          Chemical analyses are aimed at the certification according to International, EC and Italian standards, of the chemical properties of glass, raw materials and silicate materials, namely:

  • characterization of glass (soda-lime, borosilicate, special glass)  and raw materials for glass and ceramics;
  • physico-chemical behaviour of glass and ceramic containers for food or pharmaceuticals;
  • setting up of analytical methods for trace element determination (Cl, F, As, Sb, Se, CrVI, Co, Ni, Zr,..) and their validation in cooperation with major international laboratories;
  • technical support to the preparation of UNI-CEN-ISO standards.
Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation
  • Mobile kit for the monitoring and measurement of environmental parameters;
  • Electrolytic cell and paramagnetic analyzers of O2;
  • IR analyzers of NOx, CO, CO2, SO2;
  • Pitot tubes, Darcy tubes;
  • Digital micromanometers for the measurement of differential pressure and rate of emissions;
  • Digital thermometers and thermocouples;
  • Devices for air and gas volumetric sampling;
  • Grain-size probe separator of stack dust;
  • Dust and gaz personal sampling devices;
  • Integrating Phonometer;
  • Microclimate analyzers;
  • DC-arc Emission Spectrometry (Hilger Polyvac E981);
  • ICP-AE Spectrometry (TJA, IRIS-DUO-HR);
  • G FAAS (Varian Spectra, AA 200, Perkin Elmer 3110);
  • Ion Chromatographs (Dionex, DX 500);
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometry (CECIL, CE 1011);
  • Specific Electrode Potentiometry (Cl, F, S, Ag, NH4+); 
  • Elemental analysis of sulphur/carbon (ELTRA-CS 800)